Mon, 24 September 2018
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Tue, 11 September 2018 16:49:55

Licensing Consulting Group Launches Licensing Campaign for Patented Facet Clamp

Facet clamps are an innovative technology for cervical and lumbar spines that resolve the problem of complex spinal deformities and destabilization. The C-shaped clamps allow for easier and faster facet fixation.

[Newport Beach, CA],– Pedicle screws, the current gold standard, have significantly improved the outcome of spinal reconstruction that requires spinal fusion. They can firmly stabilize the spine’s dorsal and ventral aspects as they traverse all columns of the vertebrae.

Since the pedicle represents the spine’s strongest point of attachment, substantial forces can be applied to the spine without causing the bone-metal junction to fail. Due to the pedicle fixation’s rigidity, fewer normal motion segments can be incorporated to stabilize everything. Pedicle screw fixation doesn’t need intact dorsal elements, so it can be used after a traumatic disruption of laminae or after a laminectomy. It also improves fusion rates and reduces requirements for postoperative bracing.

Despite these advantages, pedicle screws have some drawbacks as well. One of these is the steep learning curve and costly procedure. Misplaced screws can result in neural or dural injury. Extensive tissue dissection is also required for implantation of pedicle screws. Without doing so, the entry points and required lateral for optimum screw trajectory won’t be achieved. The use of pedicle screws also involves lengthy operative time with increased risk of infection and significant blood loss. Rigid fixation can speed up adjacent motion segment degeneration. The implants can also obscure post-operative imaging studies such as MRI.

The new facet clamp fixation system, on the other hand, solves weak lateral mass and post-laminectomy problems. It is ideal for cervical and lumbar spines. There is also no toggling needed. The use of facet clamps for spinal fusion reduces extrusion, pull-out and implant loosening. It provides rigid fixation due to a three-point anchor as well as simple drilling and placement guide for secure and faster spinal fusion procedure.

Facet clamps protect the nerve, artery and spinal cord, facilitate faster fusion due to arthrodesis and improve bone purchase and grip. It is a less invasive procedure that provides better post-op imaging and guarantees faster patient recovery. Moreover, it doesn’t require any pre-operative imaging or navigational apparatus.

Facet clamps are less expensive than pedicle screws, which helps hospitals save costs. Pedicle screws require two rods, four locking nuts, and four screws to fuse two vertebrae. Facet clamps, on the other hand, only need two clamps and two connectors.




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