Mon, 16 July 2018
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Mon, 26 September 2016 19:44:04

Is Latvian Company Forex Bridge Solutions On The Verge Of Bankruptcy?

The rumor has it that Forex Bridge Solutions is in financial turmoil as customer complaints are flowing in according to staff members.

Service suppliers as well are complaining that contracts are not honored by FXBS management and services rendered are not yet compensated as agreed. According to sources and documented by received e-mails by our reporter, Toms Deinats CEO of Roustech and owner of Forex Bridge Solutions admitted by e-mail that the Latvian based company ran out of funds and is not able at this point to honor its arrangements. At this point we are not even sure if staff salaries have been paid out.

Forex Bridge Solutions is a bridge solution provider for Forex brokers but also assists Forex start-up’s with the business set-up as well as the licensing procedure in Latvia. The owner Toms Deniates of the 2016 created company Forex Bridge Solution won several awards with Roustech in the past decade but since he took over business responsibility from former management business ran into difficulties.

The company and the owner didn’t deny nor confirm the allegations in fact they were not available to give any comment on the subject matter. At this point with the informations we received, we feel that it is our duty to inform the public about the situation at Forex Bridge Solutions.

We will keep you updated how the story evolves so customers and suppliers can make informed decisions if they wish to continue to work with this company. At this point Latvian authorities, which have been informed by sources and received the same documentation, should also take a close look at what is going on at Forex Bridge Solutions because Forex brokers affiliated to services provided by this company can also pull them to the abyss and customer funds are at risk.


Story by Adriano DelGado of Kiev Daily News




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