Wed, 21 November 2018
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Mon, 26 February 2018 17:26:25

Rolling With DJ Adam Is Inspiring Music Lovers with His Courageous Life Story and Wonderful Work

Born with a life-long illness, rolling with DJ Adam is super popular for his rocking and reliable DJ services all over Chatsworth, California. His life story has been amazing, and he is containing to inspire millions of hearts with his mental strength and excellent work.

Chatsworth, CA - Rolling with DJ Adam, the inspiring DJ has been motivating people to live life to the fullest, facing each and every hurdle like a boss. Born with a lifelong illness known as cerebral palsy, this enthusiastic boy never turned back to sulk at his condition. His umbilical cord was wrapped around his neck at birth, preventing oxygen from properly moving to his brain, due to which Rolling with DJ Adam had subsequent surgery which rendered him further disabled and confined to a wheelchair. This music lover was severely limited physically but in spite of this, his spirit remained strong and he continued to run behind his dreams and achieve them finally.

Due to his unfortunate physical state, while growing up, television became his best friend and he wasn't allowed to mingle with friends nor got out much. Watching the beautiful people and places on his TV screen every day, this young guy developed immense craze and love of music and found he was attracted to performing and reaching out to others through this art. Rolling with DJ Adam is a true Taurus, born in Israel, an undeniably strong unbreakable spirit who never chose to give up on life. He found his way into street performing and his popularity and personal appeal spilled over to private parties and events, and soon he was a name to reckon with in the DJ industry of California.

Rolling with DJ Adam is known as the most unique and offbeat Jukebox Cover DJ in Hollywood, not just due to his inspiring life story, but also because of this state of the art work and dedication towards the field of music and truly, there is nobody like Rolling with DJ Adam. He is currently looking for volunteers to help him arrange different events, from assisting him to put up flyers around localities, to so some social media marketing for his events, and other little works. In a very short time span, he has become a popular and revered name for performing at various weddings, birthday parties, special occasions in and around the city. Those who are willing to add that edge to any event, build up that fun-loaded mood can hire the services of the talented DJ Adam who is known to take celebration to the next level with his ingenious talent as a DJ.

People who want to donate for the cause of Developmental Cerebral Palsy, can buy the merchandise from his website that range from headphones, hats, pens, shirts, sweatshirts, bags, mugs and much more. 

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