Fri, 19 October 2018
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Fri, 20 July 2018 00:03:17

AR McKay Processing Machinery Introduces The Fischbein F-Series Portable Handheld Bag Sewing Machine

Hickory, NC packaging equipment company AR McKay Processing Machinery announced the addition of the Fischbein F-Series portable handheld bag sewing machine to its product line.

The product is designed as a high-performance commercial bag closing and sealing system.

More information about AR McKay Processing Machinery is available at

The Fischbein F-Series portable handheld sewing machine is an ultralight portable commercial bag sealing sewing machine for low volume packaging. Weighing approximately 11 lbs, the sewing machine is available in variants for vertical, horizontal and tape bag sewing. The product is available in two 115-volt and 220-volt AC models and a 12-volt DC power model.

The F-Series portable bag closer delivers consistently high stitch quality and works with multiple bagging and packaging materials. The product can be used to seal a wide range of bags made of single-wall or multi-wall paper, woven polypropylene, laminated woven polypropylene, net, polyethylene, burlap, and cotton bags.

The handheld bag sewing machine features an ergonomic hand grip and is powered by an energy-efficient 1/8 HP motor that can perform up to 1,680 stitches per minute at 4 stitches per inch. The product features a non-corrosive epoxy finish and wear bushing for improved durability. The company also sells floor-mounted bag sewing systems.

According to a spokesperson for the Hickory, NC commercial equipment company, "We are delighted to add the Fischbein F-Series handheld sewing machine to our line of products for industrial, agricultural, and commercial operations. The F-Series is an efficient, portable, and an essential tool that delivers smooth, even and secure sealing for small and large bagging operations."

A. R. McKay Processing Machinery was founded in 1947 by A.R. "Pete" McKay as a seed conditioning company that broadened in scope to include the sale of packaging equipment. Today, the company is headed by President Chip Huffman and has diversified its product offerings to include seed processing, material handling, industrial processing, and storage solutions.

More information about the new portable bag sealing machines is available at and at the URL above.




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