Wed, 12 December 2018
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Executive Encourages Consumers to Scrutinise Car Rental Extras

Gold Coast Family Car Rental founder, Darryl Essington-Wilson reminds consumers to consider the full package when committing to a car rental contract.

Executive Encourages Consumers to Scrutinise Car Rental Extras

Gold Coast Family Car Rental founder, Darryl Essington-Wilson reminds consumers to consider the full package when committing to a car rental contract. "Consumers probably want more than a car," he says, "and finding out that they do after they've already settled for a car, and nothing but a car, can be costly."

Take, for example, baby or child seats to demonstrate this point. "At home, consumers take the kiddie seat for granted. But unless they ask for one, their rental car probably won't have one. That's of concern because these seats are designed to keep little ones safe if an accident happens," says Essington-Wilson, "they are mandatory in Australia for children under 7 years of age" he adds.

"Parents will probably ask for a child seat only to find that they need to pay extra to have one. Gold Coast Family Car Rentals never charges for baby or child seats. Most other car rental businesses will charge it as an extra. That level of service is often the difference between a large multi-national and a small independent," Essington-Wilson revealed.

Car rental users Peter and Andrea Nolan agree. "The rental car we hired from a large multinational had an attractive price on the surface," says Peter, "but when all was totalled with the inclusion of a baby seat the final daily price was almost doubled."

Prams, Strollers, and Mobility Aids

Not everybody is mobile just because they have a rental car. Babies and toddlers need prams, and if anyone is disabled, mobility aids feature as an important consideration. "Many people think they have to bring their own which can be awkward when they have luggage to look after into the bargain," says Essington-Wilson, "but for a small rental fee car rentals companies will ensure customers will have what they need when they arrive."

GPS Navigation

Finding the way in an unfamiliar area is a tricky business, but GPS navigation can make things a lot easier. "If customers want GPS," says Essington-Wilson, "They should check what the hire costs are for such a device. It's one of the things that can push the overall rental car costs up if consumers are not careful."

Andrea agrees, "The cost of the GPS for the vehicle we rented was exorbitant and to make matters worse it did not function properly."

Rail, Airport, or Home Pickup and Drop-off

During the rental period, customers are mobile and on the move. But before they pick up the rental car and after they drop it off, they could have a transport problem. Taxis offer a possible solution - but at a high cost. "A lot of people have trouble getting home after they've dropped off a rental car," says Essington-Wilson. "Gold Coast Family Car Rentals overcome this with a free pickup and drop-off service covering most Gold Coast suburbs and the Airport."

Rental Car Insurance Shortcomings Big Factor in Going Over Budget

Finally, Essington-Wilson reminds consumers that car rental insurance contracts should be carefully scrutinised: "Consumers will be amazed at the differences between insurance cover and price," he says. "The rental itself may be within a consumers budget, but insurance exclusions could place them in an extremely awkward position if anything were to go wrong."

The Nolans are regular travellers since retiring two years ago and they have learned some valuable lessons. "Big is not always best. Multinational car rental companies may be conveniently placed at the airport, but the service offered by smaller companies far surpasses the service and cost of the large companies," says Peter.




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